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How To Protect Your Computer:

Anti-Virus Software:

One of the biggest reasons computers become infected with spyware and Viri is that the computers owner either never installs Anti-Virus software on the computer or lets the subscription to getting virus definition updates lapse.

The best thing you can do to protect your computer from Virus threats is having working Anti-Virus Software. You should run Anti-Virus at least once a week. It is easy to set this to run automatically during the week while you know you are not going to use your computer, like when you are sleeping. You can set this up in Windows Operating systems by using "Scheduled Tasks".

Team Concept reccomends NOD32 And Norton Anti-Virus


Download and run Ad-Aware. It is one of the best programs for deleting harmfull infections and malware. It's definitions are updated frequently and it is reccomended that you run it on a weekly basis.

Download Ad-Aware Here


Spybot is a great companion to Ad-Aware. It will usually find some things that Ad-Aware does not find and vice-versa. Spybot also updates it detection definitions frequently and is reccomended that you run it on a weekly basis.

Download Spybot Here