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Dynamic Web Applications :

Dynamic Web Applications are different from Regular "Static" Websites in that the content displayed in a Web Application is usually retreived from a datasource like a Database or XML document and dynamically inserted into the document instead of hand-coded directly into the document.

Common web applications include webmail (Gmail + Hotmail), online retail sales (E-Commerce), online auctions like Ebay, Wikis (Wikipedia), Blogs and Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Team Concept makes Web Applications in PHP, Asp.NET (2.0+) and Java Server Page (.JSP) scripting languages and uses MySql and Microsoft SQL Server as Databases. We can create and edit web applications using these technologies, however, we are open to any project a client brings to us.

One of our most popular applications is the EZ Edit Website. This is a web application which on the surface seems like a standard "static" website but the content inserted into different areas of the website is retreived from a database. This content can be manipulated through a password-protected administrative area and eliminates the need for you to call your web developer or hire somone to make simple edits to your website.