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EZ Edit Websites:

After many of our clients became tired of calling us to do simple content edits to their websites, we developed a web based way for you to login to your own website and edit your it without touching any HTML code.

Basically you login to your administative area, select your page and that pages' area, input your content through an web based editor and hit save. Your content is saved into a database and then this content is loaded dynamically from the database when the page is requested by a user.

This is a very cost effective way to make website content edits as you do not have to call your IT person (and get charged) for these simple tasks. You also mitigate the risk of harming existing code you might incur if you tried to do the edit's yourself. We even save the previous version of your last save point in case you want to go back to the previous version after you have saved a new one.

You can try this service out on a mock website to get a feel for how this would work on your website.

Click Here To Try Out an EZ Edit Website